How about some good news to start the New Year off right? There will be some major hiring by the Census Bureau over the next few months.

Last week a patron came in seeking a copy of the newest Census Bureau test. He had heard they were testing from a senior magazine he had read recently. I Googled "census bureau practice test" and came up with the 2010 test (13 pages long). If you have Internet at home go to (there is an underscore between Practice and Test) for a copy of the test.

You can learn more about the various positions by going to or calling (866) 0861-2010. You won't find the exact pay online, but I was told by the recruiter the enumerator positions start at $15 an hour, plus mileage.

I worked as a crew leader in Haltom, Texas for the 1980 Census and was pleased with the pay back then, plus the convenience of having a job that worked well with having four kids, one being just over a year old.

Several of the jobs are flexible and will complement another job for a boost in income for the next year or so. They are scheduling testing starting next week and our branch will be a testing site for four or more days a month in February and March (possibly longer).

We will take a registration list that will be limited to 20 to 25 applicants for each testing time. I'm happy to work with the Census Bureau to provide a convenient testing site for our local residents.

The new Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia Branch Library will have its grand opening Jan. 11 at 2 pm. Ms. Jean and I will be there to see the branch and offer our congratulations to the staff. Now that the Garcia Branch is opening, all their collection will change from "In Storage' to "In" and will be available for checkout, transfers and reserves.

We've been reopened over a year and our shelves are filling up in the adult fiction area. I've spent the last days of 2008 doing some major shifting and weeding to make room for our library aides to shelve. The cataloguing department at Central has had to add over 300,000 items to the Garcia collection by opening day.

In order to do this, they have not been able to catalogue the other branches' donations. I will now be able to send a box or two over each month to play catch-up with the hundreds of books I have in my office.

Of course, each branch will be doing the same thing so they might think we are trying to over-load them again. I'm sure they could stand a few days without pressure, but I'm certainly anxious to get the new fiction on our shelves.

There is one large box of large-print fiction that will be welcomed by many, as well as two large boxes of western novels. There are plenty of non-fiction titles and hundreds of other fiction from 2007 and back that will fill gaps in some authors' series or titles. Now you see the bigger picture for why we need to do the shifting.

After we get the books settled on the shelves I'll call our City Maintenance Department to have our signs moved around, so please be patient while we are "moving again." At least this time it's inside our four walls.

Please note the change on the birding program for Jan. 10 at 3 p.m. - the topic will be "Exposed at Last…The True Story of Whooping Crane Recovery." Lowell Schake will continue his discussions based on his book, "On the Wings of Cranes."

His blog address is

Lynda Whitton is the head librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.