The first week of being closed has been long and tiring. The company contracted to unload and assemble our shelving and set up the furniture did an excellent job. It took them longer than they expected, but they worked 12-hour days to make it happen, completing the job Saturday.

The library looks great with the shelving up. We had, as seems to be the norm, a few complications. We didn't receive the canopy tops for the adult shelving. Since they put up the adult section first, they used the children's canopies (they were interchangeable).

Then when they got to the children's section, they couldn't put up the end panels with an assurance that they would be exactly placed as needed to fit the canopies when we received the order. On top of that, there was no guarantee that they would be here before our opening on Oct. 6.

The solution was to remove the adult tops, put them on children's and finish that section. Since the children's shelves are lower than the adult's, it would have been very obvious that they were missing.

We were all set on Sept. 10 to be connected to telephone service. Low and behold, the outside connection, otherwise known as the Dmark line, was demolished with that section of the building. So, that means no telephone and no computer lines until AT&T can run some lines from a power pole to the building, on Oct. 5 at the earliest.

Rather than put off our ribbon-cutting on Oct. 6, we are going to be able to have a couple of our older, bigger computers set up with a wireless card so we can check-in and out books.

Construction on Northwest Branch officially started Aug. 4 or 5 of 2006 and we are opening 14 months later. The delays that have taken place with the library are being paralleled at home with some major work we are having done. The foundation leveling was supposed to take place in just over a week. It took three full weeks. The siding on the house was to take one week and it has taken them over two weeks.

I may not be early to appointments, but I do strive to be on time and I expect that when someone says they are going to start work at a certain time, they show up ready to work at that time.

When they aren't finishing on time, I'd expect them to put in longer hours to get the job completed as promised. That just is not the case today, or it is the exception rather than the rule.

The week of Sept. 17 is moving week and the beginning of shelving books. Then we have two weeks to get the library in order. Miss Jean and I are like parents on Christmas morning, we can't wait to see everyone's reaction to your new library. Keep Saturday, Oct. 6, at 11 a.m. free.

Plan on bringing your children, grandchildren and friends to our ribbon cutting and let our mayor and city council see the support of the Northwest community. Miss Jean is planning fun activities and a special guest for the children until 4 p.m.