Two full weeks of operation have gone by now and we are beginning to see our library usage settle down to the point that two or three people are not needed at the circulation desk all day.

The first week we were inundated with the return of all the books due back on Oct. 11. I expect our gate count and circulation to double from previous months and very likely will have a big increase over two years ago before our move.

We are hoping to fill the staff vacancies over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on for library openings at our branch.

Someone made some suggestions this week, and I'd like to address two of them here. I have to be totally candid, I totally forgot about ordering some type of signage for the adult bookshelves.

I knew I did not want to tape up paper signs since we would be having the new slat-wood end panels for book displays. I ordered some signage after the shelving was assembled. We have received the holders that will be attached to the shelves, but the signs have not arrived.

In the meanwhile, we are in the process of a major shift of all the fiction books. As soon as the books are evenly distributed on the fiction and non-fiction shelves and the signs arrive, we'll have them installed. Don't hesitate to ask staff for help in finding whatever you need.

I appreciate that many people are just like me and hate standing in a long or slow moving line. Taking new library card applications definitely slows down things when you want to quickly check out a book. It was suggested that we might handle this at the check-in desk.

While we have a book return sign at the desk as you approach the circulation desk, it is also used for checking out books. When I work the desk, I prefer that work station because I can see people as they come in and the height of the counter is more comfortable for me.

What it boils down to is that staff moves between one and two of the stations and may call for additional help when we have long lines. Attempting to have one station just for checking in and processing new library cards isn't feasible with only one or two people at the desk.

Another thing that slows down the line is putting books on reserve for people. You can help us by having your titles and authors written down and allow us to reserve the books during our slack time. If you have Internet at home, you can go to our Web site,, then click on My Account and reserve your books. You will need your full library bar code and your Pin number (the last four digits of your phone number).

It's been so good to see so many of our regular library users coming in again, see you at the library.