Summer is half over and we are winding down from the Summer Reading Club. Our sorting shelves in the work area aren't overflowing anymore, even with the loss of two library aides. We are pleased that we were able to promote Rhonda Dean from library aide to full-time senior library aide.

She has been with us since April and has been an excellent staff member. You will be seeing more of her at the circulation desk from now on. We'll be interviewing shortly for the library aide positions. Every time I think we are going to have a full staff something comes up to change things.

Miss Jean will be on vacation for two weeks starting July 28. She deserves a good rest and a chance to visit with her family in Oklahoma. Children's programs will start again when she returns. By all means don't let her absence keep you from bringing the children in for books and other materials.

A new policy has been approved by the Corpus Christi City Council that affects non-resident library cardholders. Beginning Aug. 1 we will be a part of the Tex-Share Card Program that eliminates the $25 non-resident fee.

Our current non-residents will greatly appreciate the fact they will no longer have to pay the fee. Now, additional family members can have free cards, as well as those who live anywhere in Texas. We will be able to provide cards to anyone with identification (ideally a driver's license). Even out-of-state residents can have a card with proper ID, but they will be limited to three items. This is a very good change for our library system.

This next change may create a problem. We have to make a change in the use of our outside book drop. We found that it leaked during the heavy rains from Dolly. As a result, we put a sign on it and locked the book drop. If we know that heavy rains are expected during the night or even during the daytime, we will start locking the drive-by door and ask that you bring the books inside. I fully appreciate that this can be an inconvenience to you, but we don't want to risk having the books water damaged. This seems to be a problem when there is an extra heavy rain or the door slot is kept open too long, or books become wedged in the slot.

If you find books wedged in the slot, please don't attempt to leave your books exposed. If you will call us later in the day or the next day and tell us that you attempted to use the book drop, we will take care of any problem in renewing the books.