After three days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, I found myself saying I could sure get used to this.

Then last week, when it was my turn to write a column after several weeks of not having to write one, I found myself doing everything but sitting down to write. Everything, even getting the Dust Free spray can and cleaning out the keyboard.

Last night I had two Christmas table runners to top stitch and instead of doing that, after finishing one, I started pulling out my over-stuffed cabinet of red and green fabrics and refolding them around a 5-inch cutting ruler to get them organized by amount of yardage and setting aside the Christmas prints.

I knew it was another of my procrastination tricks. I have to admit, or at least justify it, as being a productive task. I can't say the same for starting "just one" game of Spider Solitaire that turns into an hour or more of addictive playing.

I've been quilting steadily all year with the hope of not being pressured as December approached. That hope has now disappeared for good. After having made two quilts that were too small for the recipients, I found myself thoroughly frustrated when some gold metallic thread kept breaking, then when I ordered some recommended by a guru of free motion quilting it didn't break, it just shredded and when it wasn't doing that it bunched up on the backside.

Needless to say I was aggravated and ready to throw up my hands and quit. I asked about my problem at a quilt shop and was told that back stitching over metallic thread is probably my problem. The tension may be a different problem.

Rather than work on that problem I started on the next project I had in the line-up, Christmas table runners for gifts. At least that was productive and gratifying. I took a beautiful glitzy Christmas table runner to my daughter in Austin on Thanksgiving Day. We had a good, if different thanksgiving meal and came home the same day

After all the details leading up to the unveiling of the Mammoth leg in October and other programs we've had I think I just might be in some sort of meltdown or maybe burnout now that the pressure is off at the library.

Our books on CD fans have lots of titles to choose from, 30 to 40 over the last couple of months. If you love television series like Bones and CSI Miami keep an eye out for them or put them on reserve. They rarely hit the shelf for more than a day before they are gone again.

You may have noticed that we still have the donation jug at the circulation desk. We are now working on raising $5,000 for two display cases. The first one will be for a nine foot section of the tusk that belongs with the mammoth leg. As soon as we have the case built we will receive the tusk.

The other case will hold smaller bones and fossils and very likely other minerals and nature exhibits. I fully appreciate that everyone has favorite appeals that we like to support for the holidays, but if you'd like to donate toward this next exhibit before the year comes to a close, drop off a check made out to the "Friends of the CCPL" for Northwest's display case. It will be a tax deduction for 2009.

Lynda Whitton is the children's librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.