The June statistics for the library system documented what we all knew had been an extremely busy month.

Summer reading programs always boost our stats and this summer it was very gratifying, especially since we weren't able to have a full-scale program due to our being in a smaller temporary setting last year.

If you think kids aren't reading or that people don't use their public libraries, think again.

With Parkdale having the highest circulation and being the busiest library their patrons dispersed to other libraries while they were closed in June. The Harte Library in Flour Bluff saw a lot of Parkdale users, we saw some and I know Greenwood and Central did too. One positive from that is that people became more aware of the variety in the collections at each branch. After talking to a couple of Parkdale's regulars I know we will see more of them because of our Nature Center collection and our books on tapes and CDs.

Greenwood has always had a high "gate" count and a lower circulation than the other branches. For the month of June, the gate count was 29,630 for LaRetama Central Library, 12,461 for Greenwood, 9,574 for Northwest and 1,330 for Harte.

The total circulation of materials for June was 47,557 for LaRetama Central, 14,760 for Greenwood, 20,311 for Northwest and 27,548 for Harte.

Our total for summer programs for June was higher than all the branches due to Miss Jean having more programs than ever before.

I don't want to steal her thunder too much so I'll just give you the stats: Central 745, Greenwood 822, Hart 876 and Northwest 1,253.

July will be a good month too, but the programs end July 21.

Also, for the next week, Miss Jean will take off for a two-week vacation. She certainly needs and deserves it.

We do appreciate the faithfulness of our regular library users and the parents that are so good about involving their children in the summer and year-round activities.

The youngster can't very well come to the library for books and programs if parents/relatives/friends aren't willing to bring them.

Lynda Whitton is the head librarian for the Northwest Branch Library in Corpus Christi. Readers may contact her at 241-9329.