Elections will repay council for supporting CVS rezoning

Three years ago CVS Pharmacy offered to buy our neighbors' homes so they could build a new pharmacy. Lucky for us our city council denied their request to rezone that block from residential to commercial.

CVS requested the rezoning of our street again this year. Our neighbors had pending contracts to sell their homes (to CVS) even before city council approval. CVS was given several other options to build their pharmacy elsewhere but they refused to consider any other sites.

I feel council members were not sympathetic to our concerns and do not realize how having this business across our front doors is going to effect our everyday lives. Our private lives will forever be changed. Some of us have raised our children here. Young families have recently moved in, hoping to raise their children in our quiet nieghborhood.

We bought our homes here because it is a quiet residential area. Rezoning and City Council have done us a great injustice by allowing CVS to invade our lives. We thank the rezoning and city council members who did listen to our concerns and voted against CVS. Those who voted for it will not have to walk out their front door and see a pharmacy doing business.

We now know who we will support come next election. To our neighbors that sold, good luck.

Janie Vasquez