An appeal to parents about school bullying

I am here out of options on what to do about the bullies in our schools. My three children have been in the Robstown Independent School District and have all been bullied in each of their schools.

Our schools are blaming the victim in each case. I don't agree with this. Come on. Where is the anti-bully law that was being passed because of the Columbine massacre? Do we have a zero tolerance of bullying in Robstown ISD?

I couldn't find it in the 2009-2010 student handbook. I know my children are not capable of this, but there has been incidents in Texas of suicide resulting of being bullied. I am doing everything possible for my children.

Please parents, pay attention to your children. Take them seriously. Listen to their thoughts, their dreams. We, as parents/guardians, are the only ones who can direct where their life takes them.

Frances Herrera