Ag facility needed for RISD students

The Nueces County Junior Livestock Show has once again been a successful event thanks to the wonderful citizens of Nueces County. This was the first time my daughter, a senior at Robstown High School, had ever presented an animal and I would have been delighted if more students from Robstown High School would have been involved.

I want to thank Mary Ann Saenz and Veronica Garcia, two remarkable agriculture teachers, who went above and beyond their call of duty to do what they do for the students. As an example, Ms. Saenz herself has gone as far as to use her backyard to keep animals, without any type of inconvenience, to her or her family.

I realize that these programs - FFA & 4-H in Robstown - are currently in the beginning stages and will definitely grow if we all work together. My concern after raising four rabbits ourselves is how can students raise chickens, goats or pigs without a decent environment for these animals? Is there a barn-type facility being considered in the near future?

I don't want to sound negative, in any way, after such a wonderful event takes place right here in our backyard at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds, but a barn-type facility is strongly needed in order for our high school students, especially the RISD students, who will need the winning scholarship money slightly more than most other local students and/or districts due to the city of Robstown being considered a low income demographic area.

Pat Molano


Column headline misleading

"Fairgrounds project has come a long way," the headline for last week's column, was misleading to say the least. Or was it your play on words?

Since the Nueces County Record Star has had many very positive stories about the fairgrounds in the past months, I thought that this was one more good story about our wonderful fairgrounds.

However, as I started to read the story, it became obvious that it was a political column. Glad to see that (the Jan. 17) column's headline actually matched the story. Thanks.

Lupe Morales