Division not good for RISD

It is incredible seeing our Robstown community and schools being torn apart by our own board members. You see them daily spreading wrong information and criticizing our students, employees, fellow board members and everything that has been built for our students.

They criticize new facilities, such as our new Seale Junior High School or the new athletic facility at the high school. They voted against new Lotspeich and San Pedro elementary schools. Maybe they need to visit the schools and see where our students attend.

The grim reminder of pictures of the old Seale Junior High and the new Seale Junior High displayed at an August board meeting kept them speechless. Why? It is unbelievable that they can tell a live audience that they voted against the bond election and not against building new schools. The bond election was to build new schools.

How much longer are we going to tolerate these persons that claim they are for the students and the community. Please convince me. Please ask them about their voting record. We really need to do this.

Jerry Gonzalez

RISD board member

Is this leadership?

Doesn't anyone within this certain community think that this school board trustee, Roberto Tapia, besides myself, think that he's gone far enough? Well, guess what? There are many, many people within the entire City of Robstown that do, and we are soon going to make a point of it very openly and very soon.

There is no need to be doing research on these points - everyone who knows how Tapia truly works, already knows the facts about his business and management skills, or lack thereof.

This is the same person, who a few people seemed to be listening to lately, as a school board trustee, but outside in the real world, many, many citizens seemed to not care about what he says.

The one thing that most of these same people in the city are saying is that he is making the city looked ridiculous and that his attitude is so unprofessional. He is a loudmouth and a joke among his peers. No one else, within the present school board, acts so disrespectful towards other board members, the administration and the superintendent.

Elections are coming up soon, and, the citizens of the City of Robstown will be voting for what's truly best best for the children, students and teachers for RISD, but any candidates that are attaching themselves or aligning themselves with Tapia will suffer, as he definitely will if he decides to run for re-election.

By the way, a piece of advice to you, Mr. Tapia - don't run

Carlos Ramirez