Trustees irresponsible with finances

I agree with the Aug. 14 "Letter to the Editor" written by Nicole Flores.

Robstown Independent School District superintendent Roberto Garcia says that he has been saving money for a rainy day. It started to rain when he was re-hired and now it's turned into a hurricane.

So, there is no money for raises. I was told that the new weight room was going to cost $500,000 and (the school board) decided to expand it to $1.4 million.

Also, the school board recently approved a $200,000 contract for the prints of the two new schools that RISD can't afford. The deal was the architect gets to keep the money even if RISD doesn't build the new schools.

I was also told that (trustees Victor and Eva) Orona, Jerry Gonzalez, (school board president Rosendo) Espinoza, and Garcia agreed to sell a portable building to a local church for $600.

It is good to give to the church, but do it out of your pockets, not the children's money.

Noe De Los Santos


Good samaritan

It is good to live where a high school boy stops and helped me pick up the trimmings and put them in my trash container.

Emaleen Scogin