The following is a list of candidates endorsed by the Editorial Board of The Nueces County Record Star:

U.S. Representative District 27

Solomon P. Ortiz (*)

Blake Farenthold

Ed Mishou

Like it or not, Ortiz's seniority provides him with the opportunity to serve on many important committees at the federal level that a newcomer like Farenthold or Mishou simply would not have. Although Ortiz's issues with travel expenditures are of some concern, there is no denying he has provided this area with millions of dollars from Washington D.C.

While Farenthold's platform emphasizes his desire to remain in the district rather than spend time in the Capitol, the simple fact is that voters are electing a representative to go to Washington D.C. on their behalf. Whatever flaws Ortiz has, and there are a few, one cannot deny he has worked to earn the clout District 27 needs in Washington D.C.

State Representative District 34

Abel Herrero

Connie Scott (*)

This race is heavily contested, and rightfully so. Both individuals are strong candidates and have a lot to bring to the constituents of District 34. However, Scott's willingness to be pro-active on the issue of countywide drainage, specifically, her willingness to allow the issue to be put before the voters, earns her the nod.

Nueces County District Attorney

Anna Jimenez

Mark Skurka (*)

Skurka brings a wealth of experience to the position that Jimenez is simply not able to match at this time. Additionally, Jimenez's actions immediately after being appointed to the office fostered an atmosphere of distrust and partisanship.

County Judge

Loyd Neal (*)

Clarissa Gonzalez

Neal has shown strong leadership on issues ranging from the R.M.B. Regional Fairgrounds to countywide drainage. And while those issues have at times been controversial, Neal has tried to approach them with a spirit of regional cooperation. The county faces some difficult budgetary decisions in the next two years that require someone with more experience than Gonzalez can provide.

County Commissioner

Precinct 2

Gil Hernandez (*)

Joe A. (JAG) Gonzales

The questions surrounding Gonzales' tenure as justice of the peace are just too important to ignore. Hernandez has said he will take a business-approach in managing the county, an area in which Gonzalez has struggled in the past.

District Judge 105th Judicial District

J. Manuel Banales

Angelica Hernandez (*)

Hernandez's willingness to cut costs in the office by moving toward a paperless system would be a benefit to county taxpayers. And while Banales has questioned Hernandez's lack of experience, she has already accumulated just as much legal experience as Banales had when he was first elected in 1986.

District Judge 148th Judicial District

Marisela Saldana (*)

Guy Williams

Williams' refusal to be interviewed makes an endorsement in this race difficult. However, Saldana appears to have had a solid first term and deserves another four years in office.

Calallen ISD

Place 1

Paul W. Peeler (*)

Tammy McLendon

McLendon's candidacy seems well-intentioned, and there's no reason why she would not make a fine trustee. However, Peeler's experience and track record of fiscal responsibility should earn him a trip back to the board.

Place 2

Yolanda Villarreal (*)

Chad Burkhart

Villarreal's long-term vision for the district, combined with a history of putting the tax payers' wishes first gives her an advantage in this race. Given the district's ongoing construction of more than $40 million in bond projects, Villarreal's leadership will be necessary. Burkhart's emphasis on improvements to athletic facilities is not what the district needs at this time.

Place 5

Chad Wilfong (*)

Jesse Molina

In just two short years of living in South Texas, Wilfong has made a point of getting involved in the community. He has a vision to bring vocational opportunities to Calallen's students, and the business connections to make it happen.

Place 6

Tammy McDonald

Jason Floyd (*)

As president of the board of the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show, Floyd has promoted youth-related activities in the area. While McDonald has an impressive resum/, Floyd would be a good addition to a strong board.


Place 2

Sylvia Longoria-Hill (*)

Rosemary De Leon

Longoria-Hill has promoted a number of initiatives to bring new facilities and programs to the students of the district. De Leon's lack of experience would be a step-back for a district that faces important financial decisions over the next year.

Place 7

Billy Lerma (*)

Ofelia Reyes

While Reyes provided years of service to the district as an educator, she is not yet prepared to take on the duties required of a trustee. Lerma will provide the leadership the district needs as it decides on the hiring of a new superintendent and as it faces the current litigation regarding the district's tennis courts.

Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, Place 1

Amanda Torres (*)

Joe Benavides

Torres was faced with a difficult situation when she was appointed to the position last year, but she has shown she was up to the challenge. She has brought accountability to an office that was in disarray. With the chance to serve a full term, Torres should be able to bring the stability the office needs.