Recently the administration and some board members have received criticism for building new facilities for our students. It is incredible that persons write articles not really knowing the facts.

I guess it is proper for students to use inadequate facilities like the ones I presented at the last board meeting of the old Seale Junior High and compared them to the slides from the new Seale Junior High. I guess it is all right for the students at Seale and Ortiz Intermediate campuses to have tennis courts that are not useable and really more of a hazard than anything else.

The old tennis courts have been replaced in conjunction with the new Seale Junior High project. Please drive by and see how our students are enjoying the tennis courts. The Robstown community supports improved facilities for its children. They have voiced that in the last two bond elections. Our job is to provide the best facilities and learning environment for our students, and we will continue to do so.

We feel that it is our responsibility to provide the best in everything for our students. Now the students at Seale have four new tennis courts that the students and the community can enjoy. What is wrong with that?

Yes, the athletic facility cost slightly over $1 million. The building, for those who have not seen it, is the model for athletic facilities in south Texas. The facility has weight stations for numerous students, full dressing rooms for the boys and girls, and bathroom and showers for many students. I am sure we will receive criticism for this, but we are also in the process of building new campuses as well.

The athletic facility has been paid in full. Prior to this idea, the students were going to get a $250,000 metal building with two bathrooms. Why is it wrong to build and plan the best for our students? The boys and girls really enjoy the facility and it gets many hours of use as students prepare for sporting contests.

Likewise, we have replaced the high school parking lot that was almost unusable by the band for their practice. The band students had to side-step the potholes. Now, the parking lot is very usable for parking and student use.

We receive criticism for almost everything. The criticism does not come from the students but from adults who fail to see the vision for Robstown students.

Some of the critics that criticize Robstown ISD had the opportunity when they were trustees, but failed to act.

The Texas Education Agency grants were there and the money could have been budgeted, but instead was used for other projects. One example (there are others, of course) was the lights for the Picker baseball field that needed changing 10 years ago.

When Coca Cola gave the district money, the money was used for something else other than its intended use. Then inflation took over and the cost to replace them is then ten fold.

Again, I find it incredible that some of our own residents spend so much of their time attempting to find out what is wrong, instead of spending time trying to improve Robstown ISD.

Our district is experiencing improvement. It is OK to reverse a step or so, but we need to collectively focus and engage our efforts for continued growth. We will.

Lastly, I ask, "Why not the best for our Robstown students?"

My office practices an open-door policy, please come by and visit or call me at the number listed below. Thank you for your support.

Roberto Garcia is the superintendent for the Robstown Independent School District. Readers may contact him via telephone at 767-6600, ext. 2223.