Three Robstown Independent School District trustees, namely Mr. Rosendo Espinoza and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Orona, purposely rescheduled (the Sept. 11) regular school board meeting so they could be assistant class instructors at a church that same evening.

These three individuals volunteered to serve as assistants at their church for the next 10 Tuesdays. They knew beforehand that this conflicted with regular school board meetings, yet they did it anyway.

To these trustees, the business of our children is second and their self-needs are first. I'm deeply disappointed these trustees do not anticipate attending the regular Tuesday night meetings for a while.

Sacrifice is expected of those who assume duties as public servants, but unfortunately, in this case, it is our students who are doing the sacrificing.

As a result, no business was conducted and several board members, including my husband, Adolfo Lopez, were unable to attend the rescheduled meeting, due to previous work commitments.

A final chosen regular meeting date must be decided on so that others may plan accordingly. These trustees must fulfill their official responsibilities to our children, and join other dedicated members of the board to find ways to help the district improve its academic ratings.

Norma Lopez