Garcia must go…again

For years now the residents of Robstown have turned a blind eye to the carelessness of Robstown Independent School District Superintendent (Roberto) Garcia. He has managed to take this proud district from a powerhouse and close family to a very divided and unorganized operation.

He has continuously displayed a very manipulative style of leadership filled with half-truths and inconsistencies. He has also misled the residents of Robstown about issues regarding bonds, budgets, layoffs, re-organization, campus security, school board elections and the huge expected deficit the district is headed for.

The district enrollment continues to drop 4 to 5 percent every year. Academic scores are down and there are not enough math and science teachers in the district, yet Garcia can find money in the budget for pet projects, and questionable contracts.

He creates positions that are not needed and has even gotten a contract extension. More money for him, yet he eliminates teachers positions because there's no money. When are the residents of Robstown going to realize this is bad for the students of Robstown?

We are proud of our community and all of the teachers and administrators who do manage to keep this district running, but not when you come in and push out the people who help put this district on top.

Nicole Flores