Support upcoming bond election

We have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference both in the lives of our students and in the betterment of our community. For the first time in many, many years, the Calallen Independent School District has called for a bond election that will significantly impact this school district. What is now a very good school district can become a great school district, but your help is needed.

The bond election includes projects that will affect virtually every student in the district. New wings will be constructed at three of the campuses and an entirely new school will be built for Magee Intermediate students. Every campus will benefit from this bond issue. Special projects such as a new agricultural facility, band hall improvements and a district multi-purpose activity/aquatic center will also be constructed.

The passage of the bond election is crucial for Calallen homeowners. There is a direct correlation between the value of homes and the school district. In order to maintain a healthy real estate market, the school district must be highly desirable.

Please do what's right for the youth of this community and this nation. Join me in voting for the passage of the school bond.

Bobby Broadway


Citizen asking for recall

Robstown citizens need to know that the (utility board) had to withdraw $700,000 from the general fund to pay AEP for two months delinquent electric bill.

They continue to have money problems. But despite the money problems, the city secretary received an $1,800 pay raise last year. How much did the employees receive?

The city of Robstown hired the mayor's niece. Also, a relative of (District 34 state Rep. Abel Herrero) was hired by the city. Come on, give the citizens a break.

The Nueces County records document that on May 14, 2002, the Internal Revenue Service filed a federal tax lien against the mayor and his wife for $73,979.

With this kind of leadership, do you think that Robstown is going to build new streets in 2009? I will probably have more pocket change than the mayor is going to have in the city's fund balance.

A recall is in the works.

Noe De Los Santos


(Editor's note - City Secretary Paula Wakefield said all city employees received a 3 percent pay raise that was based on cost of living.)

Pass bond to improve schools

The Calallen Middle School PTA Executive Board would like to express its unanimous support for the upcoming Bond Election. We encourage everyone in the Calallen/Annaville area to vote "Yes" for Proposition I on Election Day (Nov. 6), a vote that will tremendously benefit our schools and all Calallen students. For many years, the Calallen Independent School District has stood for excellence in education and is currently well known in South Texas for both its academics and athletics. And although this district has never lagged in maintaining its high academic standards, its campus facilities have become a bit outdated.

The passing of the bond election will allow the renovation of those facilities and will bring major improvements throughout the district. Please take the time to educate yourself about the benefits of the bond election (informative pamphlets are available at the CISD district office and at all school campuses) and then vote "Yes" to ensure that the high standards we have come to expect in Calallen schools will continue for future generations.

Amy Goldson

CMS PTA Treasurer