Stop dwelling on past mistakes

This is a simple response to the article that was printed in last week's Nueces County Record Star's "Letter to the Editor."

An individual made several statements, related to Robstown Independent School District's administration, operations and the current superintendent. I sincerely hope that in the near and/or distant future, this individual (or anyone for that matter) would carefully research the facts and dates before addressing any issue.

A high percentage of the information, facts and dates that were addressed in last week's article were incorrect.

If needed, I, as a concern citizen, would gladly discuss with this individual the timetables and actual windows, where previous superintendents were directly responsible for the overall negative outcomes of the testing of students.

I will be more than glad to explain in a follow-up letter, if needed, the matrix of results of TAAS versus TAKS testing, during the timespans of those superintendents versus the present one.

It is not the point of supporting the current superintendent as much as addressing the right information, discussing the correct results and informing the overall general public, the citizens of this school district and, especially the students, teachers, coaches, counselors and fellow administrators of R.I.S.D. that the current vision is for the success of our future generations.

Stop dwelling on the negativity of the past, especially when the information being currently delivered in print is slightly misleading.

I will continue to support the future success of R.I.S.D. and for the many generations that will follow us.

Ron B. Benavides

Corpus Christi