Candidate dodging debates

To the registered voters of Precinct 5 - I want to know why a constable candidate is not willing to participate in any of the recent candidate forum debates held within the last two weeks.

One was held at the Corpus Christi City Hall chambers by the League of Women Voters and another was held at Molano's Restaurant Feb. 16.

You would think that the only candidate (Frank Flores III) that has been in office as a deputy, and most recently as the chief deputy of the constables office in Precinct 5, would be more than willing to participate in any type of debate, no matter when, where or who else would be participating. But, that has not been the case.

Please remember, that (Flores's) current status is only as the chief deputy, not the actual constable, as has been widely reported that (Flores) is going around telling all the local residents in the area.

But, there have been reports from some of (Flores's) supporters that the reason he doesn't need to debate is because he already has the election won. Wow, that's a big error in his campaign direction. Or is it just disrespect towards the other four candidates?

But, more than that, is it disrespectful towards the majority of registered voters in the entire precinct that have not heard him respond to any questions delivered to all of the other candidates in earlier debates?

Just maybe if (Flores) will accept and participate in any future debates before the March 4 election, will all registered voters, especially those who haven't voted, get the opportunity to hear him reflect on his overall positions? Or is (Flores) incapable of debating his fellow constable candidates on local issues?

Ray Sanchez