Proud Republican supporting Democrat Shamsie

"Bad kids. These are really bad kids." What if the person that decided the future of our youth had the mindset that those words reveal?

Candidate Brent Chesney so called some of Nueces County's juveniles at a recent informal debate between County Court No. 5 judicial candidates hosted by the non-partisan League of Women Voters.

Chesney "labeled" the very children that have the greatest behavioral issues and likely have been marked with such demeaning terms most of their lives. I maintain there are no "bad kids."

There are children in need of help, with behavioral problems that must be dealt with. In contrast, Judge Terry Shamsie choked with emotion as he spoke of a child.

County Court 5 is all about children. It was set up to work with abused and neglected children, as well as juveniles that have broken the law.

This letter was not requested but this info is needed for all of us to make a more informed decision. The league's debate, plus further research, led me to a decision.

I am a proud Republican that must vote for the Democratic candidate, JUDGE TERRY SHAMSIE, for County Court No. 5.

Cheryl Campbell Reed


'Pro-choice' Herrero unsupported with some

I'm reading my voters guide from the League of Women Voters.

In it, Abel Herrero says, "Balancing the budget is Texas' greatest fiscal responsibility….The Legislature must carefully cut areas that are not cost effective…"

It's impossible to believe that Mr. Herrero has the good of his constituents at heart when he supports a party platform that uses abortion as a financial backstop for government programs. Especially in these difficult economic times, South Texans deserve a representative who understands the fundamental human dignity of his or her constituents.

Tragic as it is, the Democratic Party has become the "Destroy the Vulnerable" Party, with its embracing abortion. How can a candidate who supports destroying his constituents through abortion be trusted to advocate for them?

This is why I will not vote for Abel Herrero or any other "pro-choice" candidate in the upcoming election.

Terri Kimmel