Have you heard the latest conference re-alignment talk in college football? WHAT??? Your kidding me? It’s like, so totally the latest drama to hit the street since Janet stole Denise’s boyfriend at the homecoming dance.

Ok, seriously, maybe I’m stretching this a little. But it seems to me that the college football world stole a few pages out of "Mean Girls." Lindsay Lohan should consider applying for some royalty checks with all this drama brewing.

For those of you who haven’t kept up, or simply lost track, here’s a quick recap.

The Big 12 took a big hit, when Colorado left for the Pac-10 (now known as the Pac-12) and Nebraska left for the Big-10 (which now has twelve but the Big-12 has ten).

With fears that the Big 12 was unstable, all schools waited to see if Texas was going to leave and help create a Pac-16, bringing Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State with them. (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech didn’t have a say in the matter).

Instead, Texas decided to stick to a ten team Big-12.

For their charitable deed of keeping tradition alive, ESPN rewarded them with a TV Network just for themselves. As a result, the tradition proud Texas A&M decided to leave for the prestigious SEC, who has had the last five national championship. (Sidenote: Texas A&M hasn’t won a conference title in 13 years, let alone a national title).

But Baylor said ‘NO WAY’, and threatened to sue them if they did. Meanwhile, Oklahoma said, "If Texas A&M leaves, then we’re going to the Pac-12 with Oklahoma State." (Oklahoma State never got a say in the matter.)

Scared of a seismic shift from the Big-12, the ACC told their schools that if they left their conference, they’d have to pay $20 million.

Meanwhile, the schools of the Big East got concerned that the Big-12 would pick them apart, so Syracuse and Pittsburg joined the ACC and Connecticut wants to go with them.

This made TCU upset, because they had plans to join the Big East next year, but now everyone wants to bail.

However, Baylor and Iowa State said they want to go to the Big East if the Big-12 falls apart.

Texas tried to help and went to Oklahoma’s house to convince them to stay, but they weren’t having it.

So, Texas asked the Pac-12 if they could come to their party and bring Texas Tech. But they had to be assured that they could keep their pretty TV channel. (Texas Tech didn’t have a say in the matter).

Last anyone heard was that the Pac-12 said, “We’ll think about it.”

There was a rumor going around that the Big East and Big-12 (who is really ten, but down to five), wanted to just make one conference.

I promise you, that was the short version of the high school drama that is being code named as conference re-alignment. I’m sure if you go to a search engine right now, something new was added to the story. (I’m betting the Big-10 with twelve wants to have sixteen now, too.)

In other news, college football started three weeks ago.

Matt Cardenas is a sports reporter with? The Nueces?County Record Star. Readers may contact him via e-mail at matt.cardenas@recordstar.com.