Why Not Corpus Christi?

I have lived in this beautiful city by the sea for over 50 years. I have seen baseball teams come and go, but they have not been money maker.

At the present time, we have the American Bank Center and the (Corpus Christi) Hooks baseball team crowded into a small area with very little parking space, along with our Spanish fleet, which should have been given to the termites years ago.

Also, let's not forget the Robstown fairgrounds. All these have been losing money every year and they holler about the (Memorial) Coliseum.

I say fix the roof and paint it. At least we wouldn't have to pay a consultant and rent it to ourselves.

If you want to hear an old country boy's opinion, try this: Let's start downtown at the old Zackie's Drive-In at the end of Chaparral Street to Artesian Park and turn this into the gambling capital of Texas.

At the present time, we have the best representatives from Corpus Christi that money can buy and could make this happen.

People who like to gamble will come from everywhere because they have been bit by the gambling bug.

What we have now is costing the taxpayers more money every year. Why not do as St. Louis, Mo. did in 1955? They leveled their downtown and turned it into one of the gambling capitals of this country. I know because I was there.

Let's get rid of high taxes. We could refer to our city as the "Gambling Capital by the Sea." For the first time, let's show our appreciation to the real bosses, the old taxpayer.

The hollering has also been about "Change" and update to our area to bring in tourists. Now is our chance.

Sonny Swain

Corpus Christi