Birth control can harm

Not everyone is in the contraception parade, and the Dec. 25 letter, "Birth Control Valid Choice" is wrong to imply that Christian tradition is "okay" with contraception. I can't say why the Anaville Refuge of Hope Center won't offer contraception, but I do say, "How refreshing."

Onan, in the Bible, is the usual reference against birth control; God gave the death penalty for his contracepting behavior. All Christian churches taught against contraception before 1930. Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Wesley opposed unnatural birth control. The Catholic Church and others still teach that married love is a total gift of self to reflect Jesus' total love for his bride, the church. Contraception is an inferior gift of self.

American laws, in 1873, against birth control were formulated by Evangelical Anthony Comstock. In 1930, the Anglicans reversed their teaching against birth control and Margaret Sanger worked to change these American laws.

Census reports show skyrocketing divorce ensued and shortly after the 1950s' new birth control pill, abortion was decriminalized. There have been 25 million reported abortions since 1973.

Mr. Blair is also thus wrong to say, "birth control is the most effective alternative to abortion." It isn't difficult to see the vice, lust and sexual license that birth control feeds.

Ann Craig