Outburst at board meeting embarassing

The irony of (Norma) Lopez's statement, "To these trustees, the business of our children is second and their self-needs are first," is that (Eva) Orona is serving at the Real Life course as the coordinator of childcare, and she is personally responsible for the safety and care of the children, most of which attend Robstown schools, whose parents are attending the course. I applaud her efforts to work with the children one-on-one.

Mrs. Lopez also misstated the volunteer positions of (Rosendo) Espinoza and (Victor) Orona. Neither of them are course instructors; rather, they are serving in other ministries at Real Life by helping prepare the meals for the attendants and leading a team, respectively. Both positions require the donation of one's time, talent and treasure, and neither of them gives glory to their "self-needs."

Our school board meetings have been turned into a playground. (Adolfo) Lopez's unprofessional behavior on Oct. 9 was another example of this. School board meetings are meant for conducting business that promotes the welfare of the students. During the middle of a professional meeting is not the time or place to rehash a personal problem with another member, especially when the media is present.

Erica Garcia


Alleged apology disputed

I want to dispute two things in the Oct. 18 article published in the Record Star titled "RISD leader alleges threat from board member."

First, an apology has not been given in regards to the two incidents that have occurred recently. (Adolfo) Lopez and I did visit about this matter on the telephone, but an apology was not given. Mr. Lopez did say he was going to apologize in writing to me (if necessary), to the community and the board members. The second item of dispute is when Mr. Lopez states in the article "he and I met on Tuesday." This is incorrect as well. I did tell him I would reconsider dropping the charges but I chose not to in this serious issue. A record does not exist that Mr. Lopez and I met at the central office or any other location. Robstown Police Chief (Johnny) Brown is correct in stating in the article that a meeting scheduled for Tuesday never took place. I appreciate his efforts in attempting to mediate this matter, but the character assassination that has been occurring will not be tolerated any longer. When emotions overrule reason this is the end result.

Dr. Roberto Garcia

RISD superintendent


Thank you Nueces County Record Star for the nice coverage of the dedication (not grand opening - yet) of the Robstown Museum in the Oct. 18 edition. The page one picture and the story were well done, with one exception.

The store that was open in Robstown from 1912 to 1971 was named Balzer's, not Blazer's. In fact, Herman Balzer was a charter member of the museum board until his death. His daughter is Martha Lee Balzer, of course, not Blazer.

I'm just keeping you straight, after all, I worked for this newspaper for 25 years and I care about correct facts.

Dusty Knoblauch


Disappointed with the use of God's name

In response to the Oct. 18 letter to the editor, "School board actions not so disappointing," service done with interest of others at heart, without benefit and praise, is what it means to do God's work.

What many in Robstown are forgetting is that it is our emptiness and lowliness that God needs, not our pride. There is a big difference between righteousness and self-righteousness.

It is interesting to hear how much has been said to defend the fact that Rosendo Espinosa, Victor and Eva Orona, and (Roberto) Garcia are good Christian people. Those who do good works are recognized in the hearts of the people they serve. Why is that not enough? Why do these board members and so many people feel the need to exalt themselves above others and put down the remaining school board members just because they aren't doing what the St. Anthony's community defines as God's work? I seem to recall Jesus eating with sinners and interacting with the lowliest of the lowliest. No one ever came to his defense. His acts of love and kindness were enough.

Jessica G. Rodriguez

San Antonio