Election inspiring Americans

As the largest remaining state to hold a Democratic primary, for the first time in a generation Texans will have the decisive voice in choosing the next Democratic nominee and, therefore, the ultimate voice in selecting our next president.

Sen. Barack Obama has ignited a grassroots, nationwide movement of ordinary Americans, a democratic groundswell leading to overwhelming electoral victories over Sen. Clinton.

Even so, having received a majority of commitments from unelected super delegates, Sen. Hillary Clinton plans to become the next Democratic nominee by using Texas as a "firewall" to extinguish the national movement of ordinary Americans who have been standing for change all across the country.

Sen. Obama would be the better steward of our economy and has exhibited the most prudent judgment. But Sen. Obama also represents a new form of democracy, one that breaks from the politics of the past and offers hope and a voice to millions of Americans who would otherwise be silenced. Texans can choose the old version of democracy, one tainted with special interest influence, broken with political divisiveness, and driven by fear.

Or Texans can choose a revolutionary new form of democracy, one that unifies, inspires, and draws upon the civic republicanism within each of us, a new form of democracy founded on the notion that ordinary Americans can do extraordinary things-and that we are the ones that we have been waiting for.

Democracy can be not only the means for how Americans vote for elected representatives, but the end that again inspires hope in America and the world to solve the greatest challenges.

Victor Quintanilla

Corpus Christi

'Beach Dawgs' an insult

The name of the new county baseball team is an insult to the entire region and Nueces County. The name, Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs, overlooks all other towns in the county. Does anyone foolishly believe that Corpus Christi is going to support this team?

Why not Coastal Bend Beach Dawgs? How are you going to depend on area loyalty when the area is not included? Let's everyone sit back and see how many Corpus Christi citizens attend the (Beach Dawgs') games.

Gaynell Thames