The question that defending one-man, one-woman marriage is a "gall of society" needs a reply ("Marriage rights should be for all," Aug. 12). I don't propose violence against homosexuals, nor reject their personal freedom.

Views against homosexuality from the Bible are in Genesis, Leviticus, Romans, I Timothy and I Corinthians. My comment on this complexity is in another vein.

One-man, one-woman marriage allows cultures to flourish; society cannot survive perverse manipulations of marriage. I am "fifty-ish" and saw what happened when "the Pill," once taboo, got popular: commonplace divorce, illegitimacy, pornography, poverty and new sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Marriage is meant to be life-giving, permanent and faithful. Irrefutable statistics show gay marriages are none of these. Basically self-indulgent, however 'good' the people, this activity does not bring happiness. As a health care provider, I have seen data that shows that homosexuals, often have high STD, divorce, substance abuse, depression and suicide rates.

Gay marriage will jeopardize society's understanding of the necessary nature of marriage. There's no gay gene and those with this orientation must be respected; however, they are called to be chaste, to develop virtue and to self-give other than sexually.

Gay marriage is not a human right, and one is not discriminating to speak in such a manner. The debate is not aimed at stripping persons of freedom and dignity, but looking at the reality of the situation and demanding that assaults on marriage be rejected for the common good.

Ann Craig