On Sept. 6, 2007, a friend of this community, Mr. Edward "Eddie" Mejia, made the transformation from this existence into eternal life. Eddie's passing reminds me that a faithful friend is truly the medicine of life-a man of good quality-who gave me the confident knowledge that he could always be counted on.

Eddie lived a good life with his beloved wife, Gay, whose love and support sustained him. Eddie was a man who exemplified faithfulness-freely sharing what he had-asking nothing in return.

Eddie served many organizations, holding leadership positions, yet nothing meant more to Eddie than God, family, friends and community. Having worn our nation's military uniform, Eddie remained faithful to the men and women in our armed forces, honoring them whenever he could.

Eddie was unique among the men I've known, standing up for his friends, even if he stood alone. I will miss Eddie's friendship, but mostly, I'll miss his unflappable courage.

Truly, that which I loved most in Eddie is clearer in his absence. I thank God for my friend Eddie and for his efforts to make Robstown a better community.

Osvaldo Romero