Robstown is spending close to $300,000 for some kind of park at 500 E. Main Ave. This is a great location for a business that could bring revenues to our city.

Also, when Main Avenue was repaired, Robstown paid $126,000 for traffic lights. Ask the mayor where are they? Where is the money?

Dinner to celebrate 100 years was around $30,000. All the centennial signs were $70,000 or more.

Who could believe 100 years ago that today's leaders would be so proudly celebrating potholes, uncut grass, high utilities and taxes?

To celebrate more, the city council and others are going to Hawaii to spend another cool $50,000 or more. Whose money is it?

Mayor Rodrigo Ramon Jr. and the city's financial advisor say that by having a fund balance, it would make it easier for bonds. Did he also advise the city to spend money wisely?

A council lady owes delinquent taxes in Robstown. The city charter says she should be disqualified, but the city secretary says that she is protected by another part of the charter. What part? Check the Internet, you'll see her name there. And she voted in favor of raising taxes.

We need to start thinking about recalling the mayor and city council. They are destroying our town.

Noe De Los Santos