Dear Citizens of Robstown, I come to you not only as candidate for Mayor of Robstown, but as inmate 10075195 J.C. Gonzalez.

As you all are aware, I was sentenced to 45 days in jail. What was not made out for the public's knowledge was I could've easily avoided jail time by accepting a conviction, which would of haunted me for the rest of my life. Not only would I have not ever been able to vote. Most importantly, I would have been forced out of the mayor's race.

I'm currently 18 days into my sentence and it feels like forever. My days go slow and my nights even slower. Walking into a 48-man tank I had no idea what to expect, to be quite honest I was scared. Surprisingly I was easily recognized from the news. I was befriended by a few people from Robstown which made my first few days a little easier.

As the days have gone by I have made new friends and the question has arised. Why didn't I take the conviction to stay out of jail? My answer is this: the citizens of Robstown need to know that when they go to the voting poles they have a choice.

The citizens of Robstown need to know that I am a candidate that will stand up for what I believe in and not back down for what is right. I am a man that has accepted my responsibilities. The citizens need to know that I am for a better Robstown. It is my goal to serve the public as a full-time mayor and not part-time as our current mayor.

I have seen the oppression of many citizens who are in Robstown and I have heard their cry for help due to decisions that the current administration in power have made that has affected our community. The citizens of Robstown need to know that I am not this bad person that people portray me to be.

I am friend to many and a father to a beautiful daughter "Miranda," that has change my life dramatically. No longer the young, fast-paced, no questions asked type of person. I am now older, wiser, humble and a responsible man.

It was once said "As long as we are in this world, we cannot escape trial and tribulations. We are allowed to be tested. Ultimately we are to be victorious."

Your Candidate for Mayor, J.C. Gonzalez, Robstown