New school a source of pride

I had the privilege of seeing the new Seale Junior High School recently. The new facility for our students made me feel very proud to be from Robstown.

I felt as proud as the students and parents who walked into the school a year ago. Our students are in a terrific environment.

Thanks to the (Robstown Independent School District) school board, Superintendent Roberto Garcia and the staff for their hard work for making Seale Junior High a reality.

In the future, I hope to see new elementary schools and a new high school. If our surrounding communities can build new schools for their children, so can we.

Maria Alicia Gallegos


Utilities being overcharged by city

We are complaining about the excessive charges placed on us by the Robstown Utility System, but what are we doing to challenge these excessive charges?

Without having a choice to elect our electric provider allows Robstown Utility System to charge whatever it wants without accountability for excessive charges. We're told that as residents of this community we own this system. If this is true, why do I continue to over charge myself for electric usage?

It's my opinion that we need to have the option to choose our electric provider and be represented by the Public Utilities Commission to oversee the utilities and have a body to present complaints to when we feel our service provider is being devious in providing electric service.

This current system needs to be replaced and the citizens of this community given the opportunity to choose their electric provider.

Robert Lawrence