Last week's article was about the parents' role in educating their children. The teacher in the classroom, the campus principal and the support staff are also essential in the education of a student.

Teachers spend an average of seven or eight hours in the classroom instructing children in the different subject areas. This is the reason that cooperation and the support for one another is a key element for parents, teachers and students. Parents and teachers must develop a partnership in order for the child to be successful in the classroom.

A positive partnership between the parent and the teachers will produce a student that will graduate from high school. The parent's role is to be sure that the child comes to school in the morning ready to learn. Parents can accomplish this by ensuring that the child has plenty of rest, eats nutritious foods and focuses on schoolwork before going to bed.

This may sound "old fashioned," but it is not. Today's children are no different than a child of 30 or 40 years ago. Child development has not changed and children still require guidance and attention on a daily basis.

When a child comes to school prepared to learn, everyone in the class benefits, the student, the teacher and the entire class. Rest and proper nutrition are so critical in the intellectual, social and emotional development of a student and expecting this from children will not be an imposition. Children are a precious gift and a blessing to parents and teachers. Parents and teachers should work together to educate children.

Teachers are professionals, educated and trained in the different pedagogy in the colleges of education. Professional teachers expect children to come prepared to school, and similarly, we should be prepared to receive the students in the morning and throughout the day.

Teaching is an art. Teachers do not teach subjects, we teach children subject matter. It is the teacher's responsibility to find different techniques to reach the child and to help them comprehend and master every subject. We want children to master academic tasks. Students that master learning do not forget what they have learned.

Classroom teachers want students to succeed and so do parents. Teachers should develop a professional relationship with the students. Students can tell when teachers care. When teachers and students develop this type of relationship, other things follow such as trust, cooperation and going the extra mile for each other.

Who are the benefactors? The students, the parents and teachers.

Teachers are masters of the subject they teach because of the training, commitment and desire to serve students. Parents and teachers can be tremendous assets to students, but in order to accomplish this, communication is important between partners.

Teachers have conference periods daily, call them, and build a relationship with your child's teacher. What do we have to gain? A child that will someday walk across the stage on graduation night.

Roberto Garcia is the superintendent for the Robstown Independent School District. Readers may contact him via telephone at 767-6600, ext. 2223.