Support for mayoral candidate expressed

As the Robstown Community pauses to elect its next city leaders, the issues raised by the candidates should be of great importance. Since some of us do not personally know the candidates vying for mayor and council positions, we have to resort to the campaign issues they raise through their political ads in the news paper or radio media.

The only candidate in the mayor's race who has raised the issues and promises which are of a concern to me is Mr. Ruben Vaiz. His concern about high taxes and utilities should be a concern to all Robstown citizens. For some candidates to imply that they had influence for bringing the Military Storage Facility to Robstown should insult the intelligence of this community. To add insult to injury this facility should bring some federal jobs, which is a great thing, but this facility does not pay taxes.

In respect to the issues raised by Mr. Vaiz and the promise to make lowering taxes and addressing the high utilities rates a priority when elected Mayor has my support and vote. I hope others in this community who share these concerns will join me in electing Mr. Vaiz Robstown's next mayor, along with a council which supports his issues.

Robert Lawrence