Be proud, Nueces County

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I was unable to secure hotel accommodations in Corpus Christi, so I settled for a motel in Robstown.

Never having been to Robstown before I expected to see the usual, boring montage of strip shopping centers and housing developments, but what really I saw was quite different.

In general I saw robust agriculture. I saw sorghum, corn and cotton crops, among a few others too numerous to mention. I was amazed, too, at the rich, blackness of the soil and the levelness of the land in your area.

Though I'm not a farmer by trade, I could very much appreciate what a robust contribution agriculture must make to the economy of Nueces County.

May I commend the citizens of your county for having the foresight not to pave over excellent farmland and to instead keep it productive.

What with the current worldwide demand for food and fiber and the newfangled bio-fuel industry, there is no doubt that Nueces County is and will continue to be a player in the world economy.

Jamie Blount

San Antonio

RISD leader not being truthful

Robstown Independent School District board members approved the construction of a new tennis court. I was told that RISD superintendent Roberto Garcia ignored the board's decision.

Instead, without the board's approval, he spent $82,000 to renovate the old one. He is in violation. (Garcia) is not the boss - the school board is.

RISD is already more than $33 million in debt. Garcia wants to build new San Pedro Salazar and Lotspeich elementary schools, even though enrollment is declining and Lotspeich has too many empty rooms.

Garcia already paid the architect $200,000 without knowing if the money is going to be available. The problem is that the architect gets to keep the money regardless. That was their deal.

There was also a mold insurance claim settlement in 2003 for $1.1 million. It was to clean the mold in the old Robstown Hospital at 101 West Avenue E. It was never done.

Instead of depositing the check, school officials gave it to the lawyer and said: "Here, cash and deduct the expenses and send us the rest." I was there when this occurred.

So where is the money? Is this a misappropriation of funds? These are some reasons why Lopez, Tapia and Richard Gonzalez are always in disagreement (with Garcia).

By the way, what are the results on the investigation of the new Seale Junior High School construction?

Noe De Los Santos