Upshaw should be honored

The recent pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lotspeich and San Pedro schools were a positive step for the Robstown school district.

My wife and I are graduates of RHS in the early forties, and our daughter graduated in 1968. Regretfully, it is too often you hear aspersions cast on the Robstown school system. The education is there for you, if you want it.

Parent or guardian interest is paramount in their children's desire for an education and success.

The Robstown school system has produced quite a few over-achievers, such as a Rhodes scholar, a Fulbright scholar, a U.S.A. Olympic team member, the president/CEO of a major oil company and numerous others.

I maintain that the late Eugene Upshaw is our most prominent and successful RHS graduate. He is a professional Hall of Fame sports member and a highly successful businessman by anyone's standards.

His life was portrayed in the national media, including his untimely death, with accolades from people in high places.

In addition, his father, the late Eugene Upshaw Sr., was a member of the Robstown school board.

Eugene is a product of the Robstown school system, and it would behoove the citizens of Robstown to name a school or stadium in his honor.

James Bates