On Saturday, the Keach Family Library will finally open its doors to the public after many months of construction and weather delays.

It is a state-of-the-art library many areas would be proud to have with a children's area, computers, and even a coffee shop.

It will not only be a place you can go to check out books, there will also be activities for young and old alike.

The county decided to name the library after the Keach family because of the family's many years of service to the community and surrounding area, not only in the newspaper, but in other capacites as well.

The county judge and county commissioners should be congratulated for their efforts to improve literacy in this area of the county and possibly give a child the opportunity to look at and read a book for the first time. Too many children these days start school without ever seeing a book.

A big "thank you" should also go to the individuals and business community that stepped up and donated money and books to help make this library complete.

Robstown Area Development Corp. director Ken Faughn has taken me to the site several times to update me on the progress of the construction and each time we go, he shows me the spot on the back veranda overlooking the lake and tells me that is where he and his wife plan to sit, drink cofee and read a book. Not many libraries can boast that they have that kind of view.

This library just adds another jewel to the ever-changing landscape of Robstown. A small rumor around the area is that this is a private library, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a county library serving Robstown and the rest of Nueces County.

When I first came to Robstown, I never dreamed that we would have so many projects on the drawing board or already complete and the list just keeps growing.

On Saturday, please attend the opening of the library. Everyone is invited to come see for yourself what the county has built for you, your children, and many generations to come.

John Bowers is the general manager of the Nueces County Record Star. Readers may contact him at 387-4511 or via email at john.bowers@recordstar.com.