TxDOT project will be a costly mistake

As a new resident of the county area near San Patricio, I object to the proposed recommended alternative route for the Interstate 69/Trans-Texas Corridor (specifically RC-B19) over the alignment crossing southwestern San Patricio, northwestern Nueces and Jim Wells counties.

We have recently been informed that our home is in the path of Texas Department of Transportation's I-69 preferred alternative route. Our neighbors have been on their farms and ranches for more than 150 years and the rich history and archaeology here should keep us safe from huge highways.

This will be a problem more than a solution to the anticipated Texas population growth and has been planned by an out-of-state "consultant group" advising TxDOT without regard to history, topology or ecology. I am sorely disappointed with the conduct of my elected officials who deny knowledge of this project and TxDOT, an appointed body that seems to prefer making decisions in secrecy.

TxDOT officials conducting local town meetings have disclaimed any ability to influence the progress of this project deferring any questions to "Tier Two" or the nebulous "consultant group." This study disregards cemeteries, historic sites that predate the Texas Revolution, natural wildlife habitats, the fact that this is a flood plain and lower than surrounding areas.

Why not use the existing rights of way? Why create a more expensive highway to benefit two large construction companies, funded by foreign money?

Raymond Brown

San Patricio

RISD leader must be held accountable

Roberto Garcia, superintendent for the Robstown Independent School District, has published two columns in the Nueces County Record Star pertaining to education.

(Garcia) describes how the teacher in the classroom and the other personnel in the district are essential in the education of a student. He states that a positive partnership between the parent and the teacher will produce student success.

As I passed by the RISD administration building one day, I notice the announcement, "RISD TEA Recognized 1999-2000, 2000-2001." It is obvious that all of the ingredients are in place during this period, so what part of education has changed?

We basically have the same teaching and support personnel. All personnel are evaluated annually and there has not been a person's contract terminated because of poor performance. The parents that were here between 1999 and 2001 are still parents in the community.

The only significant factor in the RISD that has changed is the superintendent. This superintendent has done absolutely nothing for our students' success.

Who is he going to blame for the school district's academic failures? We have Robstown High School and Seale Junior High School that are academically deprived. He really can't blame the parents or the teachers. They have proven that they have been successful in the education of our children, despite lacking proper leadership.

Garcia is the only significant change and he should be held accountable. I also cast blame on the four school board members that compose the majority and unconditionally continue to tolerate him.

Noe De Los Santos


Trustee's actions full of selfishness

It is so interesting that a certain RISD school board member (Robert Tapia) was primarily involved with a large advertisement that came out in last week's edition of the Nueces County Record Star on the bottom right of page 3A. It read: "To all Robstown ISD students and teachers, good luck on your TAKS test!!" At the bottom of the ad it read: "Roberto Tapia, RISD trustee, Adolfo Lopez, RISD trustee & Pablo Avila, chemical engineer."

Now, if he is so into the concept of "team building" as he states throughout his visits in Nueces County, then why didn't Mr. Tapia ask any other or all of the remaining RISD school board trustees to be involved with the ad, which was designed primarily for the students and children first.

Mr. Tapia's idea of team building is so thick with fog, you could take a kitchen knife and cut a slice. His original campaign theme of "Students and children first" has been totally clouded with selfishness instead of selflessness.

It's time to simply ask him to leave before he is voted out by a landslide.

Ray Sanchez