London Loftice, 22, is an abstract artist from Grayson County who graduated from Grayson County College in 2018 with an associates in secondary education. While she is currently a second year junior at Midwestern State university in Wichita Falls, working towards a bachelors in fine arts, with an emphasis on ceramics and painting, her goal is to one day teach art at a high school level.

London has been apart of Grayson County’s local art scene for six years and wishes to continue to help the community grow.

“I started painting when I was about 13. However, it was not until my junior year in high school that I fell in love with art. My high schoolart teacher taught me how to be comfortable expressing my emotions through art. I appreciate all of the lessons he taught me and the words of encouragement he gave me that led me to be the artist I am today,“ Loftice said.

She displays her art through her persona of SHADE as she feels it helps her experience her art in a different perspective. Her artwork consists mostly of abstract portraits of fictional characters with signature details of tired eyes, long eyelashes, half smiles and thick line work in almost all of her paintings.

“I start off with a certain color pallet in mind, and make the shapes up for the faces as I go,” she added. “I make up these portraits with inspiration from my own emotions and experiences. The emotions I try to personify and give life are sadness, tiredness, depression and anxiety. Those emotions are pretty tough to talk about, and for me, it is easier to understand what I am feeling after I have created a piece. My goal is to make the viewer feel something when they look at my painting. It does not matter if it is fear, happiness, sadness, etc. the goal for me is to always have the viewer stop and feel something.”

Heavily influenced by music she will paint or sketch her interpretations of songs often. Loftice cites her biggest influence to be American pop artist Keith Haring.

“His iconic thick black lines and color usage have always amazed me. The way he created so much movement in his simple pieces just by using patterns and lines blow me away,“ London said.

She had her piece “Split Decision” displayed in the Juanita Harvey Art Gallery in May of 2019 at a juried show.

“At the end of the show my piece sold, and is now a permanent piece in a collectors home. I grow attached to most of my work, but it always makes me feel better when I get to rehome them to someone who appreciates art.”

Her continued growth has not been without obstacles. She suffers from the most common ailment of every artist; the ability to actually consider herself an artist. London fights the ever so easy self-destructive slope of comparing her art to other people’s art. She cites that it has been difficult staying motivated and inspired in Grayson County.

“Most people are looking for still-life’s and horse paintings. It has been a struggle to find my place in the art scene, but I am doing my best and trying to stay positive.It’s so important to support your local artists.”she adds

She does take on commissions and projects as she is always looking for new ideas and projects. You can contact and find more from SHADE artwork on Instagram @shadeartcollective.