VICTORIA - The Calallen One Act Production (OAP) team participated in a clinic Saturday at the Victoria Fine Arts Center. The clinic was hosted by the Victoria West High School Theater Department with Renee Buchanan as the guest critique judge.

During OAP season, several school districts around the state hold these types of clinics as a way to help teams to get a fresh set of experienced eyes to help them smooth out any problems they may have before they go to competition. The host schools charge a fee to help pay for the services of the critique judge.

Calallen Theater Director Christi Rodriguez has used critiques in the past as a way to fine tune her shows before putting them before a judge. “It's good to get the kids in front of someone that hasn't been working on the show for the last month and a half to get a different perspective to what they need to perform their best,” Rodriguez said.

Buchanan knows what she's talking about when it comes to what will make a State level show. She has been to state five times as a teacher with a third place finish and first place win. Buchanan brings 25 years of experience as an educator, contest judge, consultant for Maestro Theatre Publications, and co-author of a theater 1 resource curriculum. Through her experience she is able to help guide students and directors towards building an award winning production. “I enjoy interacting with the kids and seeing the directors' creativity," Buchanan said. "It amazes me.”