he Nueces County Elections Department has taken another step towards streamlining the voting process for its citizens. This time the new technology utilizes the internet to help allow servicemen and women to get their ballots more quickly.

The new tool allows those who are stationed overseas to more quickly ask for their home election ballot via email. According to Nueces County Chief Clerk James Shumaker, the men and women in the armed services will still need to fill out a paper ballot but this is a step forward in that they will now be able to make and electronic request for their ballot. “The ballots are still done by paper for our soldiers stationed overseas but they will get them earlier giving them a better chance to postmark them by election day,” said Shumaker. “As long as they are postmarked by election day, they will still be counted, even if they arrive afterwards.”

LiveBallot is an electronic election tool that was created by Democracy Live in conjunction with Microsoft funded by a grant given by the Department of Defense. According to the Democracy Live website, LiveBallot has been used in over 500 elections in over 96 countries by offering “military, disabled, and remote voters an interactive, federally approved voting system.”

“Nueces County deserves recognition for leading the way in providing accessible balloting tools to its voters, and we are thrilled to have them on board,” said in an email from Jake DiJulio, Assistant Director of Marketing for Democracy Live.

For more information please contact the Nueces County Clerk Elections Department at (361)888-0580.