Former Robstown mayor, Ricardo Rodriguez was awarded Businessman of the Year by the LULAC Council #1 last Thursday at an awards banquet.

Rodriguez was the first Hispanic mayor of Robstown, Texas. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran, who continued his service to his community after he returned from two tours of service. He has been Chief Financial Officer for the Corpus Christi Independent School District, Business Manager for Robstown Independent School District, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Business Operations for the Brownsville Independent School District, and Chief Business Officer for the Houston Independent School District.

He holds an Associate's and a Bachelor's degree as well as a wealth of education that has enabled him to work towards assisting those around him. He has spent the majority of his post-military career helping to promote education with the school districts that he's been directly employed by and through his consulting firm REM School Business Solutions. Aside from his professional contributions, he also provides donations, charitable contributions, and internship opportunities as a means of giving back to the community.

It is for his service and dedication to enriching the lives of those around him and society as a whole through education, that he was honored by LULAC.