The 79th District Court Judge Bob Perkins will presided over cases on Monday, Feb. 29 including the Sutherland's robbery suspects.

Cases were:

Aaron Adrian Garza for evading arrest detention and aggravated robbery Andres Manuel Garza for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated robbery Michael Andres Castro for aggravated robbery Amador Garza Sr. for other felony Richard Perez for aggravated robbery On Oct. 21, 2015, Andres Manuel Garza, Aaron Adrian Garza, Michael Andres Castro and Richard Perez and a 16-year-old boy (not on the docket call) allegedly robbed Sutherland’s. The men walked into the business with masks and guns drawn as the juvenile held a lady outside the business at gunpoint.

Andres was recognized by an employee and arrested the same day of the incident.Through the Alice Police Department’s investigation, Castro, Aaron and Perez were later arrested.

Amador Garza Sr. is the father of Andres and Aaron Garza.

Amador was charged with two counts of tampering with evidence by the Alice Police Department.

As of Thursday afternoon, Aaron Adrian Garza, Andres Manuel Garza, Michael Andres Castro and Perez remain in the Jim Wells County jail.