First Year teacher, Cheryl Handy starts up the Veterinary Medical Applications class at Tuloso-Midway. She started the year wanting to do as much as possible to be interactive with the school and community as the program grows.

In this course she is teaching the students the fundamentals needed to be successful as a Veterinary Assistant. If the students follow all guidelines set by TVMA they can even become a certified Vet. Assistant. Being certified will be beneficial for the students to not only give them jobs in the Veterinary Science field during high school and college but it will also open many doors for them in their futures.

Throughout the year the students have been learning the basics of Veterinary Science and some have also been getting hands on hours at local Veterinarians offices.

"The students wanted to have an event where they could use the skills they have been learning and put them to good use. This is when they came up with the Doggy Day Care. The students did all of the leg work and set up all of the paperwork needed for the event. We decided to open it up to 10 teachers here at the high school. We had an overwhelming response and decided to do this again in April. We already have a waiting list for the April event", said Ms. Handy

Below is the agenda of how the day went for our dogs.

Owners dropped off dogs and Vet Med students filled out a patient chart. Questions were asked about the dogs and how they would be throughout the day. Dogs were then associated with their caregiver for the day. Some played while other went for a walk and some dogs even took a morning nap. Once all dogs had been dropped off and school had started we then took a heart rate for all of the dogs. They students put this in the dog's charts so that they could compare to an afternoon heartrate. We then again had some interaction time and fun time with the dogs. It was a misty day so we were inside for a little bit until the mist went away. Once the weather cleared up a bit we went into the open area by the animal barn and had some exercise time. Right before lunch we took the temperature of all of the dogs. They students did great with their restraints and with using all the skills they have learned! Lunch time for the students meant nap time for the pups. After lunch we went for a nice walk around the school and even posed for our group picture! Once the weather started getting nicer we then took turns with bath time. There might have been more water on the students than the dogs at times. All of the dogs then got to play with their care takers one last time. Owners came at various times to come pick up their dogs and got a daily update from the students. The students had tons of fun and they are very excited to do this again. "I believe that this real world interaction is something that benefits the students and is something that they can take with them throughout their future." said Ms. Handy.

Another Doggy Day Care is tentatively being planned for April 27th.