A male victim who had his bicycle stolen earlier in the day answered an ad on Facebook regarding a bicycle for sale and found his stolen property.

It all started just about 6:20 PM when a 15 year old male victim had his Sunday Funday motor rose bicycle stolen while he was getting something to eat at a restaurant located at 2018 South Staples Street. He called police and made a report of the theft.

After making the police report, the victim went home and was browsing Facebook when he noticed a male selling a bicycle for approximately $200. The ad also had a picture of the victim’s bicycle. The victim made arrangements to meet up with the seller at a convenience store, located in the 2700 block of South Staples Street just before 11 PM to complete the transaction. The victim also notified police.

Officers were able to assist the victim in getting his bicycle, valued at $1000, back and they were also able to arrest the suspect, Marcus Rocha (09/08/1997), for theft.

Man and woman arrested for fraud among other crimes

A man and a women were arrested by Corpus Christi Police after they were found in possession of a stolen checkbook.

Officers had stopped the male driver of a 1998 Mercury Sable sedan in the 1700 block of Sante Fe Street for failing to use a turn signal. Officers determined that the driver, Ruben Perez (08/04/1966), had a suspended driver’s license and he was arrested.

A female passenger in his vehicle, Erica Aguilar (08/29/1990), was in possession of marijuana and also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest and she was taken into custody.

While Officers were impounding the vehicle, they found a checkbook in the glove box that was reported to have been stolen. The checkbook belonged to a 50 year old female victim and it had been stolen from her vehicle while it was parked at the Airport Holiday Inn, located at 5549 Leopard Street, back on March 23.

Both the male and female suspects were additionally charged with felony fraud.

Suspects break into park concession stand

Corpus Christi Police were notified after a building housing a concession stand was broken into at Dr. H. P. Garcia Park, located at 4501 Greenwood Drive.

Officers arrived and were told that the suspects pried open three separate doors to the clubhouse, damaging the dead bolts on each, to gain access into the building. The suspects also entered a storage room and removed several items from the shelves. They then went back downstairs to a break room and destroyed the interior.

Officers estimate that the suspects did $1000 in damage to the building.

It is still not known if the suspects took any items from inside.

At this time, no suspects have been identified.