Alice City officials confirmed a petition was delivered to city clerk's office Wednesday about lunch to begin a recall process for Councilman Ron Burke.

The woman who delivered the petition did so anonymously, officials said.

The 10 signatures on the petition include Mellie Trevino, Aaron H. Hinojosa, Patricia Edwards, Elice Hayslip, Zenaida Gonzalez, Deborah G. Chapa, Valerie Mejia, Gina Munoz, Juan M. Hinojosa and Amy B. Koenning.

The petition claims Burke "Abuse of their position in office, abuse of power and showing no respect for or regard for the citizens of the City of Alice..." 

According to recall section of the City of Alice:

"Any elected official of the city may be removed from office by recall. Any ten (10)qualified voters may initiate a petition for recall by their affidavit naming the officials whose removal is sought..."

The petition will be presented to council after the names are certified. If the city official does not resign within two days, then the city holds a special election not less than 30 or more than 35 days after the petitions was presented to city council.

The signatures are in the process of being verified by the city clerk.