Family and friends of the Orange Grove High School class of 2016 seniors were glad that the rain that was forecast to drench the small community held off on Friday evening. School officials had a contingency plan in case the Friday commencement was rained out but did not need it. “We prayed that the weather would be good and thankfully it didn't rain,” said Kathy Rusk. Rusk is a former school board member and was given the chance to hand the diploma to her youngest son Brady, who is a part of the graduating class.

Salutatorian Maddie McClain used Disney movie references to help tell the story of the previous four years of high school to which she and her classmates are saying goodbye. “So in the end, no. High School was not the best four years of our lives, it was only the first four chapters of our books,” said McClain in her speech.

Class valedictorian Asa Winsauer hoped for the best for himself and his classmates but told them that the trials and tribulations would shape them into the people that they hope to become. “Despite the obstacles that we all face, I want you to always remember that everyone has a capacity for greatness and even if we encounter the fiercest struggles in our lives, it won't cripple us, it will only make us stronger,” said Winsauer.

Senior Cameron Calvillo stated that he was a bit nervous but excited to graduate high school and looks forward to going to college to study to be a pharmacist. Friends Thelma Hernandez and Madison Kerr expressed nervousness about college, “We're looking forward to college and work,” said Kerr, “...and trying to stay in touch,” added Hernandez.

Overall the students have only the future to look to after a graduation ceremony that was capped with a beautiful sunset.