Students in caps and gowns sat in the cafeteria at Robert Driscoll Elementary in Robstown. On one side were the graduating kindergarteners on the other were the 2016 graduating class of Robstown High School. Students from other grades, teachers, faculty, and parents filled out the rest of the room as they all watched a video presentation of all of the ways that the seniors have contributed to the elementary school. This is part of not just a simple senior walk, but a celebration of the seniors meant to inspire younger students to work hard and stay in school so they can eventually be the seniors.

Robstown ISD is dedicated to the education and enrichment of all of their students. There are several programs that have been implemented by school officials as a means to get the level of encouragement up at a young age and keep it up through to graduation. One method that has recently been implemented is the senior walk, however, administrators didn't want to simply have the seniors walking through the hallways of the elementary schools. “This is something that we saw on Facebook, but we did it a little different,” said counselor Berta Ramos, “We definitely plan on making this an annual tradition.”

According to Ramos, the high school senior class has amassed more than 250 volunteer hours at the elementary school. “Since the beginning of the year, the seniors from the high school have been participating in the different programs that we've had here at the school. In every event we have, we try to utilize them. Our little ones are truly motivated even if they only come for lunch,” said Ramos.

The senior walk activity was used to both inspire the younger students and as a way to show gratitude for the work that the high school students have done for the children. “It builds connections and relationships between the students and the community,” said Ramos, “the younger students get to see what's coming to them and to see the possibility.”