Corpus Christi Police responded to a report of shots being fired from a condominium unit, located in the 15400 block of Seamount Cay Court.

When Officers arrived they found damage to an exterior wall and glass of one of the condominiums that appeared to be the result of a bullet being fired. When Officers contacted two men inside the unit they denied knowing anything about the damage.

During the investigation, Officers located a total of five bullets holes in a wooden fence that was located in an alley near the open garage door of the condominium. They also found a .380 handgun, a rifle, and a 12 gauge shotgun inside the unit, as well as, several shell casings from two of the weapons. They also determined the two men inside the unit had prior felony convictions.

The two men, Marcus Hedlund (07/15/1984) and Jeremiah Lopez (03/031982), were both arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, a felony offense and discharging a firearm, a Class A Misdemeanor.

Woman arrested for driving drunk with flat tire

A Corpus Christi Police Officer on a traffic stop in the 4800 block of Everhart Road was distracted from talking to the driver of the car he had stopped when a truck passed by him traveling on a flat tire.

When the Officer looked toward the truck, he saw it was traveling down the street on its rim due to a flat front driver’s side tire.

Once back in his patrol unit, the Officer attempted to catch up to the truck. When he did try to stop the truck, the driver fled at a high rate of speed causing most of the tire to come off the rim. The Officer made the decision to terminate a pursuit of the truck.

Other Officers that were notified to be on the lookout for the truck, found it parked in front of a home in the 500 block of McClendon Drive. Officers were able to determine that a female was driving the 2015 Ford F150 truck and they contacted her. After an investigation, it was determined that the female driver, Alexandria Bates (06/27/1991), was intoxicated and she was arrested.

The female driver was charged with driving while intoxicated, a Class B misdemeanor and evading police in a vehicle, a third degree felony.

Man arrested for shooting at a truck full of women

Corpus Christi Police arrested a man after he fired two shots from a vehicle that he was a passenger at a truck full of females, while both were traveling down South Padre Island Drive near Old Brownsville Road.

A 21 year old female called police and said that she was stopped at the intersection of Leopard Street and North Padre Island Drive at a red light in her truck with three female passengers when a Dodge Durango pulled up next to them and the front seat passenger in the Dodge started throwing objects at her truck. The female recognized the man throwing the objects as someone she had just had a verbal disturbance with in the parking lot of a nightclub on Leopard Street.

The female said that she entered the freeway and was traveling east in the 300 block of State Highway 358 when she saw the same man lean out of the passenger side window of the Dodge and fire two shots from a handgun at them. The females inside the truck immediately called police.

Officers were able to locate the Dodge parked at a convenience store located in the 500 block of South Padre Island Drive. Officers arrested Arnold Arevalo (06/22/1993) for aggravated assault and also recovered a .25 caliber handgun.