Nueces County Commissioners, County Officials, and the Nueces County Judges held a news conference on Tuesday, June 21. The event was just outside the doors of the Judge James E. Klager Central Jury Room, at the Nueces County Courthouse in Corpus Christi.

The purpose of this news conference was to introduce and explain the Nueces County eResponse Jury System and Summons. By going online with a computer, smart phone, or tablet to complete the jury summons and providing their electronic contact information (email address or cell number) a prospective juror can elect to receive notices and schedule reminders via text messages or emails.

The new jury summons being mailed in conjunction with this news conference will encourage online registration and as more and more people go online to report, the County will be able to assign jurors directly to a courtroom and significantly reduce the number of people who have to report to the Central Jury Room. County officials will be working with the County’s largest employers to educate them on the use of the system.

Commissioner Mike Pusley stated, “I was asked to use my experience with information technology to assist Nueces County Courts in streamlining the jury process. Through a team effort we have devised an eResponse system for prospective jurors to enable them to fill out their jury summons online and potentially save many unnecessary trips to the courthouse.”