Following a request made by an elementary school teacher to Wyatt Ranches for a $300 sponsorship, the Ranches donated $100,000 to the Agua Dulce Independent School District on Saturday, the 9th of July 2016.

Bradford Wyatt, Administrator of Wyatt Ranches, said that Adriana Garcia, an educator from Agua Dulce ISD, contacted the Rio Grande Valley offices of the Ranches requesting a sponsorship for an extracurricular activity at the school.

Her telephone call spurred the cattle ranch to contact the school superintendent, Mr. Wayne Kelly, to see how they could further support the school’s needs.

“Mr. Kelly made an excellent presentation and his profound dedication to the school’s goals, the students, the local community, and just education in general - really made an impact on us,” he said.

His presentation inspired the Ranches to make the $100,000 contribution of behalf of the Wyatt Foundation.

The funds are not restricted or ear-marked in any manner, and may be used as the District deems appropriate. Mr. Kelly stated, “The Trustees will meet and certainly make a determination on the best use of these unexpected funds.” The Agua Dulce Independent School District consists of approximately 385 students with 60 teachers and staff members. The district encompasses less than 300 square miles settled between Banquete and Alice.

Members of the school’s Board of Trustees are Michael Carper, President; Yvette Saenz, Vice President; Cathy Howard, Secretary; Raul Soto, Trustee; Diane Vajdos, Trustee; Edward Garcia, Trustee; and Kari Hendricks, Trustee.

"I'm proud to be a part of this contribution, I know the school board will make a wise decision as how the funds will be utilized," said Joe Martinez with Wyatt Ranches. "Wyatt Ranches have been very instrumental in helping the communities of South Texas to benefit the citizens of Jim Wells, Duval and Nueces counties."

Situated in South Texas and also in West Texas, Wyatt Ranches has six ranching divisions, with corporate offices in Realitos, Edinburg and Houston. These cattle ranches are scattered from Corpus Christi south to the Rio Grande River; and west to Marfa and Valentine, with some ranches supplemented with agricultural farming operations.

The Wyatt Foundation is headquartered in Realitos, Texas, and their directors include Billy Wells, Don Nelson, Steven Wyatt, and Bradford Wyatt.

Billy Wells, President of the Wyatt Foundation said, “Although the foundation has made numerous contributions to hospitals, universities, scholarships, and to the cultural arts, our donations in South Texas have been geared toward governmental entities who need these funds - such as this contribution to Agua Dulce ISD - or others we recently made in South Texas for emergency ambulances, fire engines and fire-fighting apparatus, law enforcement equipment and canine support.  

Bradford Wyatt added, “The rural government entities are using these added funds to serve their communities - and we’re proud to step up and help when we are able to do so.”