Alice Echo-News Journal was awarded two certificates for best website and column writing at the 2016 Texas Better Newspaper Contest. 

The contest was hosted by the Texas Press Association and this year the Summer Meeting was at Montgomery, Texas. 

The Alice Echo-News Journal placed third place in the Best Website category and fourth place in Column Writing.

"We take pride for our Website," said Executive Editor Ofelia Hunter. "It's not an easy task to keep up with all the latest news in our communities 24 hours a day and disseminate to our readers in a timely and accurate manner."

Each year Texas Press Association celebrates the best examples of journalism and community service by Texas newspapers through the Better Newspaper Contest.

This year 148 newspapers submitted 1,530 entries in the Texas Better Newspaper Contest. The contest is broken down into 10 divisions in which newspapers compete against papers of similar circulation size.

"With a small crew, we are able to keep up with the bigger markets and even surpass many of them in web page views," Hunter said.

Oklahoma Press Association judged the contest.

"Every section of content has fair space on the home page and the site is well organized," judges commented.

Reporter Melissa Trevino received the Column Writing certificate for her columns on "Texting Kills" and "Facebook worries."

"Melissa has a way of relating popular trends in her columns and readers can relate to her experiences," Hunter said. "I'm happy with the outcome and we vow to continue to serve our readers on print, digital and social media."