Tejano icon Johnny Canales was presented with a proclamation declaring him one of Robstown's Lifetime Achievers at the city council meeting on Monday. The proclamation comes on the heels of the announcement that Canales will be honored with a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame in August.

Canales' wife Nora and daughters Seleste, and Miroslava were in attendance to give their support. “It's beautiful to know that Robstown honors Johnny. Everywhere he goes, he always has Robstown on his lips,” said Nora, “ I feel amazed that he's living the moment and that he can share the moment with his family.

While receiving the proclamation from Mayor Mandy Barrera, Canales became choked up at the thought of being honored by his hometown. “I couldn't talk and talking is my living. You saw the people here and it was all from the heart. This is really, really great for me,” said Canales.

Daughters Seleste and Miroslava also expressed their feelings about the proclamation. “It's hard to put into words because I'm so happy that his hard work has paid off,” said Seleste. “He's very sentimental about it cause it's his hometown. We are going to continue his legacy,” said Miroslava. The honor bestowed on Canales was one of the first items on the agenda Monday night.

Annie Castro with New York Life informed the city council that while there were very slight raises in a few of the insurance premiums offered to city employees, for the most part the overall cost of insurance will remain relatively the same. According to city secretary Herman Rodriguez, the plateauing of the insurance rates for city employees is an amazing feat considering than many other private companies and municipalities face increasing premiums for their employees.

The preliminary budget for the month of July shows that the City of Robstown will not bring in enough tax revenue to cover all of it's bills. However, due to the planning of city administrators, the reserve funds that were created during the high income months of December and January will more than make up for any shortfall caused by the summer tax slump.

Wayne Skipper with Martin Marietta spoke to the city council about the need to replace the bridge on Co. Rd. 36. According to Skipper, TXDoT has money that is specifically earmarked for replacement of bridges that are not rated to safely carry the loads of modern traffic. “At the end of the day I care about not only the safety of my employees but the safety of the community that will be driving over the bridge. With the TXDoT program the new bridge won't cost the city of Robstown anything,” said Skipper.

City officials have reduced budget deficits from more than $2 million to around $200,000 that is owed to city projects and look forward to the end of the year when the city budget is projected to be in a surplus. Officials also took time to look at the achievements that have been accomplished in the last year including:

hosting Cottenfest without city dollars and profiting $20,000 launching the city website several city road construction projects completed demolition of old buildings in the city that were considered unsafe the upgrade to the police department dispatch technology while getting the department fully staffed the construction of the city skate park, scheduled to be completed in the middle of August creation of Environmental Court to take care of code enforcement violations implementation of the city impound yard and first successful auction City officials continue to work towards improving the lives of citizens while providing full accountability to the public.